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 By Barb Cross    News    June 30, 2022 

Before The Harvest, Time For Some June & July Fun

Good morning, and here we are in the last week of June. The summer season has just arrived and is slipping away way to fast. I know of some harvest crews that are moving in around the Kimball area, so here before long we will see them here. The... Full story

 By Barb Cross    News    June 23, 2022

These Are The Days For Wind, Summer Fun

Good morning! Well, wind is the word of the day. Took one of our stock tanks and folded it up like a taco shell. Not to mention sucking all moisture out of everything. So, let’s have a calmer week! Today, June 23rd, if you or anyone you know might...

 By Barb Cross    News    June 9, 2022

Kimball Ranch Rodeo Part Of A Busy Week In Area

Good morning, beautiful here this morning. Clear blue skies and after a wonderful rain – everything is washed and looking refreshed. Best way to start off another week, and it looks like it could...

 By Barb Cross    News    May 26, 2022

Looking At Memorial Day Weekend

Good morning, Harrisburg, friends and family near and far. May is going out the door and June is slipping in. I sure don’t know where the time has gone. I know for certain that for me it is not because I am having a good time. We are looking at...

 By Barb Cross    News    May 19, 2022

School's Out For Summer, Starting Today

Good morning ! Here we are well into the end of May. School is Out for the summer, whoo-hoo. Our school year will end today. The class of 2022 graduated last Saturday and I think there were 10...

 By Barb Cross    News    May 5, 2022

Graduation Time & More In The Burg

Well here we are in in Merry Month of May, Happy May Day to you! Time is sure flying and I for one am not having that much fun. On a personal level it is sometimes a steep climb, and there is a lot of confusion and disappointment in our daily lives b...

 By Barb Cross    News    April 21, 2022

Things Hopping At The School

Good morning, Harrisburg! Here we are on the final stretch of April with May flowers on the horizon. Things will be hopping at the school in May and soon out for the summer. In the mean time they have high school track on Friday the 22nd. at 9 a.m....

 By Barb Cross    News    April 14, 2022

Boy, Do We Need Some Rain

Good morning Harrisburg, friends and family near and far. Here we are in the middle of April already, and boy do we need some rain. We faced many local fires all past summer and our fire department has currently been helping at the Arapahoe fire. It...

 By Barb Cross    News    March 31, 2022

Donkey Ball: That's Entertainment, But Banner Misses Finals

Good morning, Banner County. Here we are on the last day of March, and where did it go? Heaven sure knows that the time is flying, but I for one am not having that much fun. However, life marches on....

 By Barb Cross    News    March 24, 2022

Here Comes The Banner County Wrecking Crew!

Well good morning Banner County, friends near and far. I hope this morning finds you somewhere nice, warm and windless. After a lifetime in Nebraska I am accustomed to the ups and downs of our weather, but I still don’t like it. Last weekend two im...

 By Barb Cross    News    March 17, 2022

It's Time, Daylight Time, For Some Banner County News

Happy St. Paddys Day and good morning Banner County! Here is hoping that you all are in the right time zone this morning. I would have sent a reminder in last week’s paper but I forgot, so there you go. If it wasn’t for someone else mentioning...

 By Barb Cross    News    February 17, 2022

Wrestler Wyatt Reichenberg At State

Good morning, I am hoping this finds you all well and getting through another week. hard to believe that February is almost over. For the most part of the month, today through the 26th the students... Full story

 By Barb Cross    News    February 10, 2022

Banner's Winter Athletes Wrapping Up

Good morning Banner County, friends near and far! Let’s hope that we are all a little warmer this week. The moisture from our recent snow was welcomed but the freezing temperatures were not! On the bright side, however, the days are getting a littl... Full story

 By Barb Cross    News    October 7, 2021

Community Supper Oct. 14 At The School

Good morning! Hope this finds you all enjoying some fall weather. Little quieter in the Valley, or so it seems. On this Saturday, October 9th, there will be a class at the BF Farm in Bayard. “Paint and Cider With Kelly” will run from 1-3 p.m....

 By Barb Cross    News    September 30, 2021

September Out The Door, But Youth Group Ready To 'Ignite'

Well folks, just like that, September is out the door and here comes October! Man how the time sure does fly. Beautiful time of the year and for this weekend the Autumn Adventure Play Zone is open at the Riverside Zoo with a giant pyramid, hay maze,...

 By Barb Cross    News    September 23, 2021

Hoping For A Fire-Free Week

Good morning! I sincerely hope this week is fire-free. The fire that was in Scottsbluff County last week caused more damage and more smokey air for us to breathe. We are several miles away and yet Thursday evening from our deck we could see a huge...

 By Barb Cross    News    September 16, 2021

Wrapping Things Up Before Winter Sets In

Good morning Banner County, friends near and far. Well here we are in the middle of September and still some mighty hot days. Beans are being harvested though, so it won’t be long before it will be time for corn and beets. Wrapping things up...

 By Barb Cross    News    September 9, 2021

Busy Days In The Burg And These Parts

Good morning Banner County! Beautiful here in Western Nebraska right now. We need more rain, but then so do many states in the Midwest all the way to California. Here is a little bit of what is happening in our neck of the woods. Story time is...

 By Barb Cross    News    August 26, 2021

Van Pelt Reunion Offers Much At Museum

Good morning Banner County. Here is hoping that you are having a good week, one that is not too hot to handle. With red flag days this past week, we are praying for rain. The 2021 Van Pelt Reunion will take place at the picnic area of the Banner...

 By Barb Cross    News    August 19, 2021

We Really, Really Need Some Rain; School Opens In Banner

Good morning Banner County! Boy have we had our share and then some of fires here this past month. Another one in the northwestern corner this past week. We really, really need some rain. School has officially started here and in a number of other...

 By Barb Cross    News    August 12, 2021

We Can Not Thank The Firefighters Enough

Good morning! I hope you are well and handling the smoke as best as possible. Fire is always a terrible thing and at this point the fire just east of here has been at it for close to a week. Many firefighters have been on the scene 24/7. I am sure we...

 By Barb Cross    News    July 29, 2021

Wheat Harvest A Done Deal For Some

Good morning Banner County! Wheat harvest is well under way, and mostly finished in most parts around here. Some areas are still spotty. Summer is definitely winding down. And my lawn needs mowed! Today! Thursday, July 29th folks in Chadron will...

 By Barb Cross    News    July 22, 2021

Combines & Semis All Over Banner

Good morning Banner County! The combines and semis have been in and out and all over Harrisburg and Banner for the past week. We have been very fortunate  with our weather so far and hopefully most...

 By Barb Cross    News    July 15, 2021

Seems Like School Is Just Around the Corner

Good morning and nice to see that some wheat harvesting has gotten under way. I feel deeply sorry for the folks who were affected up by Alliance this past week by the the huge hail. Corn fields looked like someone had gone through them with a...

 By Barb Cross    News    July 7, 2021

Oregon Trail Days The Big Deal Around Here

Good morning Banner County, friends near and far! Hot and dry around here and some of the wheat looks like it is ready to head to town. We might just see that begin to happen soon. Well, after two nights of rodeo and fireworks at the Bridgeport Camp...


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