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 By Barb Cross    News    June 8, 2023 

Does Late Spring Green Mean There's A Chance For Some Wheat Harvest?

Good morning! With all of the rain that we have been having...Wow! Is it ever green out! I returned this past week from a short visit to the desert and all of the green was an awesome sight indeed. Maybe there will be a chance for some wheat harvest...

 By Barb Cross    News    June 1, 2023

This Is The Week! Banner County Historical Day!

Good morning Banner County, neighbors and friends near and far. Memorial weekend has come and gone, bringing typical cloudy wet weather with it. Remembrance of our lost ones,especially those lost in service to this country never lessens whatever the...

 By Barb Cross    News    May 25, 2023

Circle June 3 On Your Calender For Historical Day

Good morning! beautiful weather and lots of green, thanks to the rain. Here today I am sending off the last little news letter for the month of May and I can’t hardly believe it. Time is going way too fast when at the same time some days seem to... Full story

 By Barb Cross    News    May 11, 2023

Days Of Rain, Mother's Day And Graduation

Good morning, beautiful May! We are so thankful for the recent rainfall. More is predicted over the next few days, so hopefully there will be more. This week is filled with school graduations and Mom’s Day. In honor of those moms, the Midwest...

 By Barb Cross    News    May 4, 2023

Busy Week At Banner County School As Year Nears An End

Good morning, and happy May! I don't know about you, but I can not believe it is May already, I think I am about a month behind. Everyone is talking about school getting out, graduations and summer. About time for all of that, yet somehow I feel like... Full story

 By Barb Cross    News    April 27, 2023

Kids Hit The Road May 3 For NHS Highway Cleanup; Spring Concert May 4

Good morning! Good to see a few tractors in the fields and more getting ready! Beautiful weather we are having but still awfully dry. With the appearance of MAY, well I am thinking it won't be long be...

 By Barb Cross    News    April 20, 2023

Prom Season Is Here, And So Are Blue Skies ... At Least For Awhile

Good morning to you and yours. Beautiful clear blue skies here this morning, at least for awhile. The school students have been busy, as always. Today, April 20th, there is District Music at WNCC, an all-day event. Tomorrow through Sunday is the... Full story

 By Barb Cross    News    April 13, 2023

Students On The Road Again For Some History, Ag

Good morning! For the first part of this week we skipped Spring and jumped right into Summer; well, that is OK by me! We had a beautiful day for Easter and I hope you enjoyed it completely. The folks in Morrill are getting into the season mode by...

 By Barb Cross    News    April 6, 2023

Getting Ready For Easter In The Burg

Well, this week we are experiencing winter, spring, and quite possibly summer. Time will tell. I really have the urge to rake the yard and plant some tulips. Even the grass is trying to “green-up,” but there is still winter kill and snow....

 By Barb Cross    News    March 30, 2023

Off To Another Week We Go; Make It A Fun One With Spring Events

Good morning, through gloomy skies wanting snow, off to another week we go. Here we are in the last week of March and heading into April, already!  My how the time does fly, whether we are having fun or not. However, try for the “fun” if at all... Full story

 By Barb Cross    News    March 23, 2023

Don't Know If Mother Nature Got The Memo, But It's Spring!

Good morning. I hope this finds you all doing well. St. Paddy’s Day is over and the first day of Spring was officially the 20th of March, a few short days ago. I don’t know if Mother Nature got the memo, so we will just leave it at that. The... Full story

 By Barb Cross    News    March 16, 2023

An Irish Prayer And More For St. Paddy's Day

Good morning, here we are talking about the middle of March, seems unreal. Maybe at least in part because of the lingering snow. I am seeing some green grass and spots of green in the fields, so yeah!! Speaking of green, Happy St. Patrick’s Day on...

 By Barb Cross    News    March 9, 2023

Banner County Historical Society Seeking Help For Historical Days

Good morning, still feeling the chill. About the time the snow and ice are pretty much melted, here comes more snow. Some places are total mud holes and others ( like my driveway ) are completely snowed in. Still waiting on the county plows.... Full story

 By Barb Cross    News    March 2, 2023

Not Sure How Leprechauns Handle Snow; Commissioners Meet March 8

Here we are in the month of Green. Let us hope for rain and to ease up on the snow – don’t know for sure how the Leprechauns handle snow. Over the hill and to the north, the Western Arts Center will be opening two new exhibits. Featured in the Ma... Full story

 By Barb Cross    News    February 23, 2023

FFA Week Petting Zoo, Feb. 24, Always A Hit

Good morning and here we are pulling out of another deep freeze. What else is there to say? The weekend weather looks good, or at least better. Over the hill the Midwest Theater will be showing “A Man Called Otto.” This is rated PG and sounds... Full story

 By Barb Cross    News    February 9, 2023

Yep, We Have Mud & That Ole Groundhog, But We Will Carry On

Good morning ! With sky high snow drifts in many areas and thankfully some melting snow and ice we have ... mud. Yep, we do. However I would rather have mud than drought, so I am trying to remember that. We just need to be careful and not get stuck o...

 By Barb Cross    News    February 2, 2023

Man, Did We Get Some Snow ... And The Cold!

Good morning and man do we have the snow. And the COLD, and hopefully some moisture! It is February in Nebraska after all. With two years of really nice winters the cold and snow are welcome reminders for the most part, the snow anyway! This...

 By Barb Cross    News    January 26, 2023

Quickly Approaching The Last Few Days Of January

Hello everyone, I hope that you are having a great week. We are quickly approaching the last few days of January. I flat do not know where the time goes, I am definitely not having that much fun! There is not a whole lot going on in the Valley or...

 By Barb Cross    News    January 19, 2023

Spelling Bee Jan. 26; County Commissioners Meeting Jan. 31

Hello! Here we are smack dab in the middle of January. Man is time ever flying, sometimes in a winter mode and sometimes not so much. There has been more ice and my driveway is still blocked. More... Full story

 By Barb Cross    News    January 12, 2023

New Year Begins With New Officials Sworn Into Office

Good morning and here we are in the first month of a New Year. A New Year coming with challenges and changes, some of those which began here last week with the swearing in of newly elected county... Full story

 By Barb Cross    News    January 5, 2023

New Officials Get Sworn In Today

Good morning and Happy New Year! The last 2/3 have been pretty tough, so hope for better this year. Things are now moving in a slower pace, but we all know that is temporary. The Midwest Theater will...

 By Barb Cross    News    December 29, 2022

New Commissioners Take Office Jan. 5

Good morning, saying Goodbye to 2022 and Welcoming 2023. Wishing a Happy New Year to your house from me. This past year has seemed to fly by, especially the past three months. I have spoken with several people who feel this same way. Maybe this year... Full story

 By Barb Cross    News    December 22, 2022

Blizzard Put A Stop To Everything, Everywhere

Good morning! This snow storm that we were hit with this final couple of weeks in 2022 sure put a stop to everything. I mean everything everywhere. We were completely snowed in from Tuesday morning... Full story

 By Barb Cross    News    December 15, 2022

Season Of Giving, Celebrating In Full Swing

Well good morning. Here is hoping that you have fared well over this past week with all of the cold. We are fast approaching the Christmas season and one of the current projects is a toy/clothes drive for the family of Dylan Charvat, who died in an...

 By Barb Cross    News    December 8, 2022

Busy Days With Holiday Events Have Arrived In Harrisburg Area

Good morning, and a chilly one it is! Here in the Burg that is an appropriate comment for sure. Years ago one of our county residents put Christmas decorations up on the county shop building, I miss that. Several folks do decorate though and that is...


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