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Here Come Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Weightlifting

Nebraska got the word that adult and youth baseball/softball could begin practicing as of this past Monday, June 1.

Ashley Thurin informed me that league play in Kimball for the youth programs will start up on June 18.

At this time, the teams are still being put together, and team coaches will be getting their practice dates and times scheduled to let their team members know.

We will let you readers know more as more info is developed. Here are the Covid-19 rules for the practice sessions:

1. Players, coaches, and staff showing signs/symptoms of COVID-19 (fever over 100.4F, sudden onset of cough or sudden onset of shortness of breath) shall not participate.

2. Dugout/bench use will not be allowed. Players and their items when not on the field should be lined up against the fence/wall at least six (6) feet apart.

3. Parents must remain in their cars or drop off and pick players up afterwards.

4. Players should use their own protective equipment including gloves, helmets, and bats as much as possible.

A. When protective equipment is needed to be shared, it should be disinfected between players use.

B. Coaches are encouraged to rotate equipment when possible.

C. Coaches must disinfect shared equipment before and after each practice (or game).

5. Coaches are responsible for ensuring social/physical distancing is maintained between players as much as possible. This means additional spacing between players while playing catch, during drills, or while waiting to participate.

6. Players must bring their own water/beverage and snacks to consume; no shared drinking fountains, coolers or snacks; the use of sunflower seeds, tobacco products, and spitting while practicing or playing is prohibited.

Warning: Violation of these rules may mean a team is prohibited from practicing or playing games for the entire summer.

High School


Kimball High Volleyball Coach Jeri Ferguson also got the news that Nebraska has given the go-ahead for coaches to hold volleyball workouts limited to 25 players at a time. She can also take her Kimball players to summer leagues starting June 18 if there are any available.

The Kimball High weight room also opened up as of June 1 and will be open Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 7:30 to 9 a.m. with a limit of 10 athletes at a time.

Four Winds

Golf Course

As of Monday, there are already 16 teams signed up for the annual Four Winds Father’s Day 3-person golf scramble, so get your teams put together and get registered for this fun two day event.

Another tournament coming up in June at the Four Winds is the annual Team Mates 4 person scramble and this one day event is set for June 27th so time to get your team’s put together and entered. Just call the Pro Shop or stop in. Cost for this event is $60 per person.

The Four Winds Pro Shop is now open but is limited to one person at a time, and now all players must come in and sign in.

Also word from Four Winds Pro Chad Wise that there have been reports of people bringing adult beverages onto the course from outside and this is a no-no. You must purchase your adult beverages at the Pro Shop. Anyone caught bringing it to the course from outside will be turned in for breaking the course rules.

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