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The History Of Kimball's Linn Hardware: And Now You Know

Linn Hardware, a local business fixture in Kimball's early years, was founded in 1893 by Eric Gustav "Gus" Linn. He came to Kimball about 1886 to work for Hoagland Lumber Co. at 101 S. Walnut St. In 1893, he bought out the owners, adding a line of hardware and farm implements.

The business moved to 104 S. Walnut St. in 1907, after the initial structure, measuring 50 feet by 80 feet, was erected.

A few years later, the south addition was built for a shop. About 1917 or 1918, the brick section, 30 feet by 90 feet, was added.

Tiers of doors and drawers and red lined display cases with glass doors...

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