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By Barb Cross
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It's Official: Banner School Year Over

‘A Day To Remeber’ Is A Memorial Day Poem To Remember


Good morning Banner County! Well today, May 21st, is officially the last day of school for the 2019-2020 school year. What a weird year it has been.

The first half was pretty much what most of us would consider “normal.” Then in March of 2020 our world changed dramatically – the way our kids attended school being one of the biggest changes.

Our high school student was online and this past Monday was the day he turned in his computer for the year. No computer, no school, game over!

A tentative graduation date has been set for June 20th. State FFA, prom, state track, kindergarten graduation, eighth grade graduation all lost for this year.

Those losses did not make a huge difference in my life personally, but it makes me sad for those kids and parents more directly involved.

I hear talk of a new “normal” and I feel like a rebellious teenager. I do not want, nor plan on having a “new normal.” I want what I had at this time last year. Freedom.

With Memorial day next Monday, May 25th, I wanted to post this poem, author unknown.

A Day To


There Is A Day We Stop And Remember, The Men Who Fought With Bravery.

Those Who Shed Their Blood And Lost Their Lives, So Our Country Could Live In Liberty.

There Is A Day We Stop And Remember The Colors That We Love. The Red, White And Blue Of Freedom,That Fit Our Country Like A Glove.

White For Purity Of Purpose, Red For Valor During Battle, Blue For Justice Paid To Those Who Threaten Us, Are The Gifts Our Lord Blessed Upon Our Men.

There Is A Day To Remember, That Our Men Have Not Died In Vain.

I hope this Memorial Day weekend is spent with family and friends and remembering, and giving thanks to those who have served and sacrificed for this freedom we so often take for granted.

Also for those currently in service, men and women alike, we thank you.

Birthdays here this week include: Kinlee Olsen, Lane Bernard Smith, John Gifford and Monty Stoddard. Happy Happy Birthday!

Anniversary congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Chris Cooper, Rod Cross, Christopher Talkington, and Charles Jones.

Well, have a great week and until next time take care!

Barb Cross is at 436-7152


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