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Banner County Notes: Some Sun And Nice Weather Would Help

Good morning Banner County, friends near and far.

With the COVID-19 virus and all of the changes it has brought on to our lives, April has slipped through our hands and soon it will be May flowers. Hopefully, anyway!

No rain to speak of for April and not a whole lot of moisture in the snowfalls. Still the lawns and pastures are starting to green up and bushes and trees are starting to bud out. I think even a few of my tulips have survived.

Most ranchers have their baby calves on the ground for the greatest part, too.

Spring is getting a little closer. A new season welcomed by all of us. Many folks I know are starting to feel the effects of the social distancing restrictions that we have been living under.

We have about had enough! Some sun and nice weather would sure help.

These people will be celebrating birthdays this week: Joshua McGowan, Trisha Lind, Rebecca Wenger, Julie Smith, Mai Lee Olsen, Kathy Malm, Logan Carlson, Annette Knaub and Amanda McGowan. Happy Happy Birthday!

Celebrating an anniversary are Mr. & Mrs. Bill Baker, Ryan Olsen, and Alan Elsen. Congratulations!



Here is a story from long ago.

There was a king who had a huge boulder placed in the middle of an often used road and then hid himself to watch and see who would try to move it out of the way.

Some of the wealthiest merchants and courtiers came by, but none tried to move the boulder and they simply walked around it.

After a time a poor peasant loaded down with a bundle of vegetables came by. He laid them down and began pushing at the boulder and after quite a struggle finally moved it off to the side of the road.

As he went to pick up his bundle he noticed a purse where the boulder had been and to his surprise found the purse to be filled with gold coins and a note from the king saying the gold was for the person who moved the boulder!

Sometimes in life we have “boulders” in the middle of our path. We can ignore them and hope they will go away or blame someone else, or use them as an opportunity to make things better!

Have a great week, take care and be safe until next time.

Barb Cross is at 436-7152.