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Banner County Notes: Good News, Yes, Here's Some Good News

Good morning Banner County, friends near and far. Other then the one bitterly cold day, which by the way included a 50 degree drop in temperature, we have been having some beautiful weather, finally!

Yeah, I am so ready. I have some cucumber plants that will need to be moved soon into bigger pots, with tomatoes and peas following behind.

I guess I need to just keep thinking that soon my life will be heading back to a more normal path.

More and more events continue to be cancelled, places shut down.

Here are the two that I know of that are still continuing business as usual: Donations of used medical equipment are still being accepted by Independence Rising by calling 633-7025, and Carhenge in Alliance is still open.

Here is a bit of really good news. With all of the churches closed, many are having services online and we here in Harrisburg have joined the forces.

This Psalm Sunday Harrisburg Community Church had services available at harrisburgcommunitychurch.org. Whatever your church affiliation, please consider this your invitation to this particular service.

Easter Sunday is upon us and many services are open to you. Holy Week services will not be held at the Midwest Theater for the first time in years, however they will be broadcast on KCMI at 11:05 a.m. each day.

Birthday this week here include:Winnie Smith, Kindra Olsen, Bette Griffiths, Josefina Whelchel, Ken Krakow, and Mason Ray Lease.

Happy Happy Birthday!

Anniversary congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Steve Mount and Richard Johnson.

Think Outside The Box & Overcome

Here is a short story for you again this week, author unknown to me.

There once was a small Italian town hundreds of years ago where a small business owner owed a large amount of money to a loan shark. This loan shark was really old and not very attractive and he also had his eye on the small business owner’s daughter.

The loan shark came up with an idea and an offer for the business man to clear his debt. The catch was that in exchange for wiping out the debt, he would be allowed to marry the man’s daughter.

Regretfully, the businessman agreed.

They were standing on a pebble strewn path and the loan shark said that he would place two pebbles in a bag, one black pebble and one white pebble. The daughter would then reach in and draw out one pebble.

If she drew out the black one the debt would be paid and she would marry the loan shark. However, if she drew out the white one the debt would be paid and she would not be required to marry.

As the loan shark bent to pick up two pebbles, the daughter noticed that he picked up two black ones. She now had three choices: #1 refuse to pick one; #2 take out both pebbles and expose the loan shark, or #3 pick out one knowing she was sacrificing herself.

So she reached into the bag and as she drew the pebble out she “accidentally “ dropped it.

Exclaiming over her clumsiness, she told the loan shark to just look into the bag and they would all know which one she had drawn by the color of the remaining pebble.

Sometimes we have to think out of the box and not always accept the options we are given as our only options. You can overcome tough situations.

Have a happy and blessed Easter. Have a great week and take care. Be safe until next time.

Barb Cross is at 436-7152.