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Roughing It

Friends, family and football - it must be fall


August 24, 2017

The smell of Football is in the air!

With all the talk of fall sports getting ready to start, this, of course, means the seasons are changing, some places a little faster than others. It seems like it just wants to stay hot in the Kimball area.

Living in Laramie we only had a couple football games that were nice and sunny, that you could wear shorts, then the closer you got to October, we didn’t know what to wear - shorts or to go to the game like an eskimo.

But nothing beats that smell in the air on a chilly morning getting ready to head to tailgate sto see all of our friends and family, then heading into the stadium and hearing all the cheers and singing along to “Cowboy Joe.”

Wyoming is not much of a football state, at least not when you compare it to some other states, like Nebraska, but we are definitely getting there! Football season in Wyoming has always been something special to me. Win or lose it is fun.

I have yet to go to a Huskers game, and yes I am planning on it, but I have dragged my husband along for a few rides across the border to some Cowboy games, and no doubt we have made sure to be early enough to make it to tailgate, and have had what I consider to be some of the best times.

In my mind there is nothing better than a good ol’ trip to Laramie to watch my Cowboys!

So here we go Husker Nation and my other Poke fans in the community, it is time to get pumped and ready for some good times, good friends, and some great beer!


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