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County Changing Buildings Director

Christy Warner Back To Lead KCTS, But Flores Abstains

Kimball County Buildings and Ground Superintendent Steve Warner was stripped of his appointment at the first meeting of the year by the Kimball County commissioners.

The appointment never came to a vote because when Commissioner Carl Stander made the motion to reappoint Warner, the motion died for lack of a second. This all occurred shortly before the vote when three commissioners, attorney Matthew Turman, County Clerk Cathy Sibal and Warner had an executive closed meeting.

Even with the vote to not reappoint Warner as superintendent of buildings and grounds, no action was taken to terminate him. After the meeting, the Observer received clarification that even though Warner was not reappointed, the action did not terminate him.

Meanwhile, Randy Bymer was reappointed as highway superintendent, Darcee Wheeland was re-appointed as the person in charge of general assistance, and Natasha Knaub was reappointed as interim tourism director.

Things got confusing during the appointment of KCTS Administrator Christy Warner.

A motion was made and seconded to reappoint Christy Warner as director of KCTS, but the vote was 2-1 with Commissioner Rich Flores abstaining. Due to uncertainty on the absentee vote, he registered a no vote, but Turman clarified that he could abstain. He changed his vote and abstained.

Here is what abstention in a voting session means. It is a conscious decision not to vote and does not count as a “yea” or “nay.” The definition for abstention includes conflict of interest, fear of having a lone or minority opinion, disagreeing with other board members, internal conflict on an issue, insufficient information, or lack of focus on board activities.

The remaining officials were reappointed without a hitch, including Rick Wrangler as weed superintendent and zoning administrator Sheila Newell.