Observations all along the line - Kimball & the Southern Panhandle First

With Temps In The 90s, Wheat Harvest Gets Going

Wheat harvest has begun in and around the Kimball area.

The recent days of 90-plus degree weather "gets things dried out," according to Frenchman Valley Coop's Hope Hinton.

On Monday, cutting is happening "all over" north of Potter, north and south of Kimball, and south of Dix, she said.

Hinton predicted that they will be in the harvest mode until the middle of August because of the large area that FVC covers.

On Monday in the FVC office, the harvest crew was training for the long days of harvest. They were checking for moisture, protein, dock or foreign matter, test weight, and amount shrunken and broken.

Many producers recently sprayed the weeds because the weeds make the moisture content higher.