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Champion Pool Player Able Kuhns, 9, Going To Nationals

Kimball Mary Lynch third grader Able Kuhns, 9, has been playing pool for more than half his life, and his experience is showing.

The left-hander began playing when he could just sit on the table and hold the shaft of the cue, but more recently Able has entered the competitive ranks. With tons of tournaments already under his cue, Able is off to play in the VNEA Junior National Championships in Sioux City, Neb., and will compete against 45 pool players in the youth division. The tournament is July 20-23.

The Panhandle has no VNEA leagues, so Able and his team will compete as a Wyoming team. Able's team will compete against 41 teams in the Minors Team Division at Nationals.

As a sanctioned Wyoming player, Able took first and was the Wyoming State Champion at the state meet in Casper in the 11 and under bracket. He placed second in the Rocky Mountain Singles, second at the Annual Best of the West Open, second at the Annual Best of the West, and second in the Juniors.

Able has even played in Las Vegas and has his own sponsor, the McDermott pool cue manufacturer. Able shoots with a carbon fiber break cue.

No one has to tell Able to practice his sport. He loves to practice at home or wherever there is a pool table. Able not only has a sponsor but has a trainer. The trainer gives him drills to practice. Able's favorite shots are long shots.

His favorite part of pool is learning to shoot trick shots, like jumping a ball to hit the eight ball and a three-rail bank. It doesn't take long to watch him play and admire his skill, concentration and determination.

Chute 7 is having a send-off party, pool tournament and lunch for Able and his team on Saturday.