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County Looks At Re-Striping Old Highway 71

KCTS Moving Closer to Acquiring Three Wheelchair Minivans

Due to scheduling needs of the Kimball County Commissioners, their May meeting was held Friday, May 3, instead of Tuesday, May 7. The second May meeting also was moved to accommodate scheduling requests from Tuesday, May 21, to Wednesday, May 22.

Before the agenda items, the board was informed of an 8.7% increase in the county's health and dental insurance.

Two county departments, roads and transit, updated the board on business.

Randy Bymer, county highway superintendent, reported that business was usual, with grading and graveling continuing in the county.

Bymer said he has hired a new truck driver, who will start in a couple of weeks.

Bymer said a culvert was replaced on Road 39, and his crew has worked on equipment, including the 770, with a bearing replacement.

There are public concerns about the lack of striping on two miles of old Highway 71 north to the bypass. The striping has worn off, making it difficult for people to see the road's edge. Bymer said he would check on striping options.

Christy Warner, KCTS administrator, presented boarding stats for March. For March, sponsored boardings were at 624, and regular boardings were at 3,108. KCTS is running on modified routes with 1,538 boarding.

The state bids for three 2021 wheelchair minivans are moving forward. NDOT finished the bid process, and an order is being placed. According to Warner, the expected cost for three wheelchair vans is $22,962 (for all three).

The board also approved a public hearing notice to consider a KCTS project for which the Federal Transit Administration is providing financial assistance.

The hearing is to accept public comment requests about the reallocation from category 5311 to 5311(f) as a source of funds for KCTS. The allocation would reimburse KCTS 100% for operating expenses for 2024-25 instead of the 5311 reimbursement of 75%.

In another matter, the appointment of Klent Schnell to a vacant seat on the Kimball City/County Park and Recreation Operating Board was tabled. That position is now being advertised

The board also approved the engagement letter from Dana F. Cole & Company to perform the audit for the fiscal year ending June 30.