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Kimball Voters Reject Tax Proposals

Infrastructure Tax, Development Assistance Tax Were On Special Election Ballot

The Observer received the unofficial Kimball special election results from Kimball County Clerk Cathy Sibal at about 7:40 p.m. Tuesday.

Sibal said all the measures on the June 13 ballot were defeated. The voter turnout was a disappointing 18.12%. Results will not be official until the canvassing board meets to verify the results. At this time, Sibal did not believe there was a need for a recount.

Both propositions 1 and 2 reflected the possible continuation of the existing half-cent sales tax referred to as LB 840 funds. The cumulative numbers for Proposition 1 were 137 voting yes and 161 voting no.

Proposition 2 numbers were 140 on the yes side and 157 voting no.

Many local businesses have benefited from the LB 840 funds in terms of loans and grants. LB840 in the City of Kimball began with an election in September 2007, when the 15-year half-cent tax officially kicked off on October 1, 2008. It will will end September 30, 2023.

Finally, Proposition 3, which called for a half-cent sales tax for public infrastructure projects, tallied 132 yes votes and 164 people voting no. The infrastructure tax was meant to aid roads, streets, sidewalks, wastewater systems, water systems transmission lines, water mains, swimming pool, airports and other municipal projects.