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Jail Time Ends For Brother And Sister

On April 4, after 108 days in jail, a brother and sister from Pennsylvania have been released from jail with time served.

Brett Donohue, 22, and Diamond Donohue, 19, were arrested on Dec. 18 and charged with three felonies, including possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, possession of marijuana (more than 1 pound) and no Drug tax stamp.

In the case of Diamond Donohue, Count 1 for delivery, distribution, possession of controlled substance was dismissed. For Count 2 for possession of more than 1 pound of marijuana, she plead not guilty but was found guilty, and on Count 3 for no drug tax stamp, Diamond plead guilty and the finding was guilty. The sentence included credit for day service, which was a term of 108 days.

Brett Donohue received the same sentence as his younger sister and was also released with the stipulation of post release supervision and time served.

The Donohue vehicle was stopped by the Nebraska State Patrol going 82 mph in a 75 mph zone. The trooper detected the smell of marijuana in the black 2021 Jeep with Texas plates.

A probably cause search was conducted, and five large trash bags were discovered in the trunk containing 10 1-pound packages in each weighing approximately 50 pounds.

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