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Search Warrant Issued In Drone Case

A joint search warrant from Kimball and Sidney police was issued on a residence in Sidney.

On Nov. 8, the Kimball Police were dispatched to 608 South Washington in Kimball. The victim reported the theft of a drone and accessories, including remote control, three battery packs, two Micro SD cards, and a wall charger with a value of approximately $1,000. The drone had the required FAA sticker with identification numbers.

The victim also advised police that the drone had not gone active, but the air tag gave a location, which was 819 Linden Street in Sidney. An air tag is a small white circular disk with a silver top displaying the Apple logo. An air tag has a serial number and GPS tracking. The device is activated when the air tag is near an Apple device.

The drone owner repeatedly checked the location, and the air tag pinged at the same address numerous times.

Also stolen from a vehicle at 315 South Washington were two 12-inch subwoofers and an Amplifier.

Co-affiants for the search warrant were Kimball Officer Andrew Lawson and Lt. Keith Andrew from the Sidney police.

On Nov. 9, District Judge Derek Weimer issued the warrant believing that there was probable cause.

– Daria Anderson-Faden