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First Responders Recognized At Banner County School

Banner County

Selflessness, that is a key characteristic trait of a first responder. To honor our local first responders, senior Ariel Acosta of Banner County School organized a fundraiser to support these courageous men and women that support our community. Acosta, who is in Kari Gifford's Work-Based Learning Class, set up this service-learning project and wanted to think of a way to thank our first responders for their dedication. In order to collect funds to purchase care packages, Acosta organized a coin collecting competition for all classes at Banner County School. From September 19th through the 22nd, students brought in any spare change to see whose class could raise the most money. The motivation for the students was a donut party going to the elementary class and junior high or high school class who raised the largest sum.

According to Acosta, "We came up with the idea because we wanted to think of a way that the students would want to donate money to a good cause, and offering a donut party as a prize would make this fundraiser fun and interesting."  With a donut party on the line, the fundraising competition was ready to begin. 

After four days of coin collecting, the fundraiser came to an end, and to everyone's surprise, there was much more than just coins in the collection cans.  There was a tremendous outpouring of support from our students and community members. It took several days for all of the money to be counted and recounted with the final amount coming to $1,543.68.  The class who raised the most funds in the junior high and high school competition was the 6th grade. They were able to raise $94.31. As for the elementary competition, the kindergarten class went up and beyond in their fundraising efforts. This group of kindergarten students raised a grand total of $774.76! Acosta now had the funds to help her complete her service-learning project.  

Acosta was able to purchase the supplies needed for the care packages that were presented to our local first responders at half-time of the Banner County vs. Creek Valley football game on September 30th. The donations were able to not only cover the cost of the care packages, but also the first responders' admission to the game along with a gift certificate to the concession stand. With the remaining funds, approximately $1,000, Acosta made a donation to the Banner County Fire Department. 

We are so thankful to our first responders and we couldn't imagine a better way of showing our appreciation. Without Mrs. Gifford's class, this fundraiser wouldn't have been such a success.

Gifford said, "It is important for students to be involved in their communities and give back to the people who support them. Those who are generous and willing to help others can feel good about what they have done and as a result are more likely to continue to be an active part of their community."   

With generosity of students and community members, Ariel Acosta and Kari Gifford were able to raise enough funds to show our appreciation to Banner County's First Responders.  We will forever be grateful for efforts that our first responders put forth to keep our community safe, and for the people who helped this effort succeed.