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Tiffany Johnson Makes Her Mark ... Everywhere

Tiffany Johnson is in many places, from the fairgrounds to the Farmer's Day Fun Run and many spots in between.

Tiffany graduated from Kimball High School in 2002, has taught at KHS for the past 16 years, and is an integral part of many school and community activities.

As a Special Education Instructor, Tiffany's motto for all her activities is "kids here need somebody in their corner" and she is the someone for many kids.

Tiffany said, "Not only are you teaching them the skills to run or play basketball, or do different events in track, you are teaching them to be successful adults. Whether it is being on time or just putting in the hard work and the dedication of sticking with something."

Coaching cross country requires a particular skill to continue to motivate daily.

"In cross country, yes, I want you to try to place," she said. "That is the goal when you do anything. However, if the top 10 are all running 17-18 minutes and your best so far is a 20, are we improving every meet? That's like our goal. I want you to improve on yourself, do things to make yourself better."

Her summer is spent coaching and "chasing after" her boys, Trajan, 10, and Chase, 8, and coaching baseball, helping with soccer, and 4-H.

Johnson is the swine superintendent at the Kimball-Banner County Fair, and her boys show hogs at the fair.

"I want my kids to have opportunities," she said. "I want to make sure my kids always are encouraged to do things. You learn important values, whether it is the responsibility of getting up in the morning or what it takes to work on your project to be successful at the show."

As head cross country coach, Coach Johnson runs the Farmer's Day Fun Run, and then after cross country, she moves on to assistant basketball coach and then head track coach. Additionally, Tiffany is on the federation wrestling club board and the youth baseball board and runs the adult softball program.

With the little bit of free time that Tiffany has, she likes to read and spend time with her family.