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Bushnell Fire Department Gets $5,000 Grant

Bushnell Volunteer Fire Chief Klent Schnell explained the process that the fire department personnel used to secure a $5,000 grant for the fire department from Plains All-American.

Schnell said that for 90% to 95% of the grants he has looked at, they needed to become a 501-C3, but "We never were.. Schnell said he got busy and prepared and completed all the paperwork and they got approval as a 501-C3, "so we are non-profit".

The grant money from Plains Pipeline is designated to "update wild land fire gear. We are going to buy a shirt and pant set-up and some extra hand tools."

Schnell said that "as you know the last two years, Scotts Bluff and Banner County had fires and we've been up helping and that has taken a lot of manpower and toll on us. So when we went up and fought those fires, that opened our eyes up on stuff we need and stuff we need to update to fight those fires."

The Bushnell Volunteer Fire Department has 18 members and is of course 100% volunteer.

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