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Kimball CheerLeaders Bring It On, Place High Against Bigger Teams

The Kimball cheer team competed in a camp in Fort Collins, Colo., from July 8-10 – and the squad came home with some top hardware.

The Colorado State University cheerleaders put on the camp and judged the event.

Coach Carrie Tabor said the Longhorns "had a great time."

"They worked their tails off in 100-plus heat for four days and made Kimball proud," she said. "They were the smallest of 31 teams and managed to walk away with a second place finish in the Game Day category and first in Camp Dance in the small varsity division.

"They also came home with three All-Americans and a Pin it Forward recipient. We can't wait for the season to get started. We also want to send a HUGE Thank You to the Kimball community for all your support and helping us get to camp! We couldn't have done it without you."

The Kimball team had a hot dog feed at the July 4th Gotte Park event to raise money for the camp.

The cheerleaders are Xavier Thomas-Lewis, Renee Murdoch, Ashlynn White, Madison Ebeling, Aspyn Keifer, Shannen Acheson, Jasmine Gawith, Emmaline Tabor.

Carrie Tabor and Nicholas Thomas-Lewis coach the cheer team.

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