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My, How The Potter CarBowl Has Grown

Celebrating the seventh year of the Potter CarBowl, organizer Drew Enevoldsen estimated that last weekend's event attracted 1,500 to 2,000 people.

The 144 entries entered in the car show, 37 craft show tents, eight BBQ teams and 18 duckpin bowling teams were among the participants and activities.

According to the BBQ organizers, around 200 people were expected – and that goal was reached in the first 30 minutes. Although there was plenty of food, it was estimated that more than 300 people took advantage of the BBQ tasting experience.

Teams and entries came from all over Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Enevoldsen said his favorite moment was when he looked around and saw all the different ages of volunteers in their blue shirts. These volunteers include the volleyball team, weight room volunteers, the football team and community volunteers.

"It is so good to see the kids involved in the community," he said.

Enveoldsen said he was ready to "cut checks" to the non-profits who volunteered, including high school groups.

The Potter Fire Department, Legion Hall and Visitors Building will also receive checks from the event.