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What A First Year For Kimball Longhorns Trap Team

The inaugural season of the Kimball Longhorn Trap team is in the books.

The team participated in the state trap shoot on Sunday, with each individual member shooting 100 clay pigeons. Results for the state tournament will be announced after all the teams throughout the state have completed their shooting. The state meet is open from June 11-20.

When the season started, 15 Longhorns began – and 15 Longhorns completed the trap season. All seven high school athletes lettered.

According to Brittany Cook, “All of the shooters have improved, and everyone had fun.”

The final event began with a team safety meeting with coaches Kelly Dunegan, Sean Dunegan, Brittany Cook and Jeremy Fryda.

At the state meet, there is no practice round. The first squad was sent out to shoot, and all members shot two rounds. Then they ate and completed the remaining two rounds.

A squadron of five individuals shoot together, and the coaches score each shot with a hit or miss. Even hitting the clay pigeon and just taking a chip out of it is just as good as annihilating it. But destroying the clay pigeon is more fun.

State awards were recently announced as Jarrett Schutz received a season-high average for males and both Kambree Hottell and Grace Anderson earned honors for season-high average for females.

Already the team members are looking forward to next season.

Six members qualified for Nationals, but it is in Lansing, Pa. They were unable to even consider the trip because it was their first year, they had no money, and everyone made other plans having no clue that they were going to make it to Nationals.

The following members qualified for the Nationals – Jarrett Schutz, Justin Klosterman, Kambree Hottell, Travis Fryda, Grace Anderson and Nolan Cook.

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