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How Do You Recall A Recall?

How do you recall a recall?

Kimball County Clerk Cathy Sibal said she has received a phone call from one of the petitioners looking to recall Mayor Keith Prunty inquiring about withdrawing her recall petition – but it appears the only way to stop the process is to let it move forward.

Nothing in the recall statutes addresses withdrawing a petitioner’s recall forms.

A spokesperson in the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office told the Observer that “once the recall petition is filed, no one can stop it, it is official.”

Even though the individuals signing the recall petition may want to remove their names and back out of the situation and call it quits, there is no legal method except to not collect signature and let the 20-day deadlines pass.

Sibal said she has also been in contact with the Secretary of State’s Office to find out details to stop the recall.

The two recall petitioners have expressed desires to step back from the recall process.

But at this point, it looks like Kimball’s mayoral recall petition continues and will drag on for a few more weeks regardless of what the petitioners want.

Mayor Prunty must return his defensive statement to the county clerk’s office by April 22, then the clerk’s office will prepare the signature forms. Prunty submitted his 60 words or less defensive statement on Tuesday to the Kimball County Clerk’s Office.

Sibal said she is going to contact County Attorney Dave Wilson for advice on the matter of recalling a recall.