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Kimball COVID Cases Still On Rise

23 Cases Confirmed In Week; Woman Dies; Vaccine Now In 'Steady Supply'

COVID-19 cases for the past week in Kimball County have increased from 9 the previous week to 23 with a majority of the cases considered to be community spread.

Kimball County has one more COVID-19 related death reported, a female in their 90s. The state must verify the deaths in order for it to be considered a COVID-19 related death.

Panhandle Public Health District reported that the the Panhandle will be receiving 1,500 doses this week and its hoping to finish up vaccinating the 75 and up age bracket.

Kim Engel of PPHD said that they are now "getting a steady supply" of the vaccine. The 1,500 doses are spread throughout the Panhandle depending on population.

Within two weeks of receiving the first COVID-19 shot, PPHD said individuals "may start to gain the benefit of some protection from COVID-19" and that will increase as time goes. The first shot is between 50% to 80% effective. After receiving the second shot, the efficiency ramps up to 95%.

A positive treatment for the virus is the Monoclonal Antibody treatment. According to PPHD, it is available to the general population and results indicate a 70% reduction in hospitalizations and improved symptoms. The treatment comes in the form of an infusion and takes three hours, but patient improvement can be seen in a few days.

Claims have occurred in which Ivermectin can be used to prevent or treat COVID. But according to the PPHD, it is NOT recommended for use. Ivermectin is a drug commonly used for livestock and horses in the form of either oral or cream. Humans can be prescribed it for use as an anti parasitic drug. PPHD said that it can cause serious harm including facial or limb swelling, cardiac issues and a variety of neurologic and liver issues. Trials are ongoing regarding the use of ivermectin.

The registration system for vaccines has changed for residents over 18. Now people registering will do so with the state. PPHD assures people that if individuals have registered, their names have been incorporated into the state list, but PPHD is asking people registering now to go to https://vaccinate.ne.gov.

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