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Shopko Building Nears Sale

Property Under Contract, 'Franchise' Business Could Move In

With fingers crossed, the Shopko building at 1217 Highway 71 will no longer be called the Shopko building, as it appears that it will be sold.

According to Red Diamond Realty, the building has been under contract for about a month and the expected close date is the end of this month.

Red Diamond Realty listed the building for $700,000 and it has been for sale for about a year and a half. It has been on the market, then off the market and then on again, according to Jeanine Perry of Red Diamond Realty. She said that they have been "trying really hard to get it sold."

For 2020, the building and land was assessed by Kimball County at $1.56 million.

The current owner is Pelstar Kimball LLC C/O Pamida Operating Company out of Grand Island.

Red Diamond Realty told the Observer that the buyer is "not ready to have any information revealed," but she said it is a "franchise."

Red Diamond Realty is licensed in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.

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