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Shoe Drive Returns As Park Fundraiser

Nate and Heather Entingh of Kimball are looking for used shoes, any kind of shoes or boots, this includes work boots, high heels, gym or tennis shoes, any type and any brand, except shoes with wheels. Although used, the shoes must be in a salvageable condition. Nate and Heather are collecting shoes for their fundraiser.

Known as Positive Spaces Shoe Drive the shoes are collected at Beer and Loathing or the laundromat, within the next 4-6 weeks the shoes will be paired, tagged, sorted, bagged and finally a truck will arrive to pick-up the bags of shoes. If 100 bags of shoes are collected, Positive Spaces receives $1000, the bags usually contain only about 25 pairs of shoes.

The whole project started some six years ago while Nate and Heather along with their two sons were walking throughout Kimball. As they walked through Gotte Park they noticed that the basketball courts and other areas needed some attention. Heather said "Parks are where people go first and you need to put your best face on."

So, Heather began searching for a fundraiser, finally discovering the shoe drive. From that time on Heather set up a bank account for Positive Spaces and they began collecting shoes and putting money in the bank waiting for a project associated with the parks.

They have repeatedly worked with the mayor to re-do the basketball and pickle-ball courts and the children's play area. Positive Spaces along with other funds have helped improve the parks and made them a first rate recreational area.

According to Heather, the shoes are re-purposed meaning they are cleaned, repaired, and then sold in developing countries.

So while COVID-19 is here dig deep in those closets and drag out those shoes that are no longer used. The laundromat is open 24 hours a day, so take those shoes to the back room or take them to Beer and Loathing. The shoe truck will be coming to Kimball in a few weeks, Heather and Nate would like to have a 100 bags of shoes.