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Panhandle Remains At High Risk

Of Kimball’s 48 COVID Cases, 41 Have Recovered

Kimball County’s most recent active COVID-19 case number is 7, but the Panhandle remains in the middle of the high spread category on the risk dial.

Last week, the case count was 42. This week, as of Tuesday afternoon, Kimball County has experienced 48 cases of COVID-19, but 41 have recovered, according to the Panhandle Public Health District, therefore leaving 7 active cases.

On Monday, Gov. Pete Ricketts held a press briefing explaining the future plan to deliver the COVID-19 vaccines available. The vaccines is expected to be limited early on and healthcare personnel and at-risk groups will receive the vaccine first before expanding to the rest of the population.

PPHD reports that in the past 22 days the total number of cases in the Panhandle have doubled. Many counties have been hit much harder than Kimball County.

It is widely assumed that the goal now is to keep kids in school, employees at work, protect our community and not overload the hospitals in the area, so wear a mask, wash your hands, monitor any symptoms and social distance.

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