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October 8, 2020



1. Briefly tell us about yourself, your background, your previous public service experience and why you are running for city council. 

My name is Gabriel J. Ingram. I am an AVP at FirsTier Bank here in Kimball. My family consists of Tori (Wife) and Mackenzie (Daughter). Currently, I am the President of the Eagles, Secretary of Club 25 (stock club). I also am on the Gotte Park Missile Project Committee, Farmer's Day Committee, and Kimball Area Foundation Fund. I am running for City Council because we need to put the unity back in our community. I want to ensure that Kimball is poised for growth in the next 5, 10, and 15+ years on into the future. We will get there by putting together a strategic plan, which I want public input on and enact it.

2. In your opinion, what makes a good city council member and what qualities do you have that will make you a good city council member? 

A good council member listens to their constituents, is a good leader, & has solutions to problems. Members must be able to interpret policy, enact policy, and be visible in the public.

3. How should Kimball's city government proceed with its ongoing search for a city administrator? 

We need to hire an external search firm. We should do Zoom interviews, if need be. I do not like waiting, we need to move quicker. We need to look at changing up the interview committee and having a few citizens be part of the interview. I believe that this has been done in the past. This would help increase transparency.

4. What area would you prioritize in the city budget? 

Infrastructure. We have needs that will have to be addressed here shortly and continuing to put money into the sinking fund to help when that day arises for those big capital expenditures is a must.

5. As preparations gear up for the re-construction of the missile bases, how specifically should Kimball be preparing? 

The City of Kimball needs to be aggressive in marketing itself as a premier location for the man camp. The city also needs to tout what services we can provide to assist with the missile project. I know that they will bring in their own contractors for the project, but whatever need we can fill they need to know we are up to the challenge! We have many skilled people in the trades that I wouldn't trade for anyone. Our Kimball workforce can help assist in this project and it will immensely benefit our businesses and our city. We have good people that rise to the occasion time and time again and we owe it to them to make sure that Bechtel, Northrup Grumman, and the US Air Force know that the people in Kimball are GOOD, HARD-WORKING people and we welcome them. They don't need to look further for able, qualified people to help assist with the missile renovation/re-construction.


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