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Potential Buyer Explains Vision For Remodeling, Operations At Kimball Event Center

Rich and Kelli Patterson have plans for the Kimball Event Center – if their deal to buy the center from the city goes through.

For now, they are being patient and simply waiting for the process to move forward. (See related story on this page for details.)

Even though they have met some opposition from local citizens regarding the plan, they remain optimistic that Kimball as a whole will be supportive of their new endeavor.

The Pattersons' first order of business if they acquire the building would be to do some remodeling, updating and painting.

The large ballroom would be remolded and equipped with new lighting and painting. The current bar would be replaced with portable bars providing different event setups for dinners, wedding receptions and auctions.

The bathrooms would also be remodeled to adhere to the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The lounge area on the west side of the building would be one of their priorities as well.

"We want to create a lounge where people can come and relax and enjoy a drink," said Rich Patterson.

Catering also would be available eventually, and down the road they would like to open a restaurant in the facility.

Patterson said they have lots of ideas for their own events, and would look to host and promote additional events to help better serve the city of Kimball.

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