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A New Era For Kimball Bakery

Mary Sue Gates Purchases Downtown Business, Keeps Alive A Community Tradition

Kimball Bakery is under new ownership.

"What a great fit, and the timing was perfect," new owner Mary Sue Gates said. She said her "goal this week is to learn and then to slowly implement change."

Although the bakery will not have a lot of changes, it is Mary Sue's intention to honor the legacy and traditions of the Kimball Bakery. The donuts will be the same as will the employees and hours of operation. But she does plan to expand hours to include lunch.

Although many things will be the same Mary Sue will be adding her own brand – Merrycakes. She said the Merrycakes brand will have a look that is crisp and clean and be pink, white and gray.

Now, Kimballites will have a place to buy cupcakes, decorated sugar cookies and specialty items for birthdays, graduation and a mid-morning snack.

Gradually, in due time, the bakery will be adding candies and doughnut bouquets. So, the official name of the bakery is "Kimball Bakery – featuring Merrycakes."

Mary Sue Gates has "always loved to bake." Although a hospice nurse by trade, she baked with her mother and grandmother Saturday mornings in her hometown of Gordon. Her grandmother's kitchen was pink and white, hence the colors for her brand.

Tradition is special to Mary Sue as she remembers the bakery in Gordon.

"I remember the smell, the sounds," she said. "It will be my honor to continue the tradition of the Kimball bakery."

Some time in January, the bakery will close for a week for some updates and renovations.

Mary Sue is especially grateful to previous owner Bob Hinton for his support. Bob said his job with Union Pacific takes him out of town a lot and he wants to focus on his family.

In addition, Mary Sue said she has received a huge amount of support from Kimball people, family, friends and especially Amie Rutledge, her partner, for "believing in my dream."

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