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Lincoln Highway BBQ Fest deemed successful in its inaugural year

Throughout the past, the "Ribs n' More" cook off took place in June, donating the proceeds to a local organization.

After Jowain Sherman passed the cherished baton to the James L. Eatmon Masonic Lodge this year, the Lincoln Highway BBQ Fest took its first form last Saturday at Gotte Park in Kimball. Teams set up camp early Friday evening with campers and smokers and were ready to get cookin'.

Even with Mother Nature getting slightly in the way of the afternoon, teams kept the smiles on the judges faces and Beer and Loathing kept cold beverages in their hands.

Five teams competed for the chance to call their cooking the "best" around these parts, #2 BBQ (Mitch Brown), Bearded Bastards (Mark Whetham), Eddy BBQ (Scott Eddy), Smokin' Yottee BBQ (Dave Klinkhammer), and Smoken Iron (Steve Pinkerton).

Five categories made up this cook-off including; Beans, Chicken, Ribs, Pork Butt and Brisket.

In the first contest of the cloudy afternoon - Beans, first place was Smokin' Yottee BBQ. Second place went to Bearded Bastard BBQ and #2 BBQ team took third place followed by Smoken Iron in fourth.

The second contest was Chicken.Taking the win in this category was Eddy BBQ, second went to Bearded Bastard BBQ and third place was a tie between Smoken Iron and #2 BBQ, with Smokin' Yottee BBQ taking fifth.

Ribs came next, and boy, were the judges ready for some more food! #2 BBQ took first place followed by Eddy BBQ taking second, and Bearded Bastard BBQ in third. Smokin' Yottee BBQ came in fourth and Smoken Iron in fifth.

The Pork Butt contest went to Eddy BBQ in first, #2 BBQ placed second, Smokin' Yottee BBQ in third, Smoken Iron placed fourth, and Bearded Bastard BBQ in fifth.

As if that's not enough meat to make your mouth water, the final contest was Brisket. Smokin' Yottee BBQ came out on top in the final contest with Bearded Bastard BBQ and Eddy BBQ in a tie for second place, #2 BBQ ended up in fourth and Smoken Iron in fifth.

According to Kevin Wynne of the James L. Eatmon Masonic Lodge, the Lincoln Highway BBQ Fest went well overall.

"It was a low turn out but the weather wasn't great. Everyone I talked to had a great time, even with the downpour," he added.

Sponsors of the event were Clean Harbors, Elite Oil Field Services, Wolf Automotive, Hays Roofing, Kimball/Banner County Fair Board, and Beer and Loathing.

Judges for the afternoon were Mike Petko, Steve Flower, Mike Smith, Nate Entingh, Brian Woods and James Shields.

According to Wynne, proceeds from the event will benefit the Masons and the Kimball/Banner County 4-H Council.