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December 21, 2017

Coach Klent Schnell helped me out with some stats of his Kimball Junior High Wrestling Team so we can give you readers a recap of the recent 2017 season. Schnell said, “We started out with 11 wrestlers and finished with 8 due to injuries, transfers and eligibility. I believe we should have at least 15 young men out for wrestling at the junior high level. We had some kids that had never wrestled and they showed some great potential the first couple of meets, and we wrestled our best, as a team, the first half of the season. We didn’t get to hold our own Tournament this year which was kind of a disappointment not to be able to showcase these young wrestler’s talent here at home.”

Records and highlights of the Kimball wrestlers show Matthew Johnson at 12-4 placing 3rd at Banner County, 1st at Hemingford, 1st at Morrill and 2nd at Bayard. Kyle Fraser was 2-13 placed 4th at Banner County, 3rd at Hemingford, 2nd at Morrill and 2nd at Mitchell. Llian Serrano was 8-7, 3rd at Banner County, 1st at Mitchell. Trey Schindler was 16-3, 2nd at Banner County, 1st at Hemingford, 3rd at Morrill, 2nd at Bayard and 1st at Mitchell. Tyler Adams was 1-11. Micah Dunegan was 1-3, and 4th at Bayard.

It is neat to see that every one of these young wrestlers won a match this season. Coach Schnell said he hopes that all of these 8th graders will decide to wrestle at high school next year as freshman, and that he can get at least 15 or more out for wrestling next year for his junior high team.


One thing for certain, the interest is high for the even younger wrestlers here in Kimball, and for all of the area. Kimball held their Invitational Federation Tournament this past Sunday and it attracted over 250 young wrestlers, along with their coaches, family and friends. The entire gymnasium seating was full at the Kimball High gymnasium, with more standing, or on the mats.

What a great sight, and what a great turnout of wrestlers and following. To the credit of the Kimball organizers, everything went very smooth with all of the volunteer score keepers, and the officials doing an awesome job of running the event.

The Kimball cheer leaders ran the concession stand and they should have done very well as there were lines all day long, and the food was very good. Kimball has two Federation Clubs with good numbers in both clubs, and the Kimball wrestlers captured their share of the top honors and the place medals. Congrats to all concerned!


Here it is Christmas time and we are in for a cold December, and we still have golf to talk about. Leo O’Hare got an early Christmas present this past Sunday when he recorded a Hole-in-One on hole number 6 at the Four Winds Golf Course. He aced the hole with a pitching wedge and Rich Flores witnessed the ace. Congrats Leo!

The Four Winds is set to close on December 31st like usual, but you can still play golf, on almost any course you choose, by visiting the Simulator at Chad Wise’s residence. You can work on your game all winter long, indoors, and can take lessons if you choose. Chad says winter is the best time to make major changes in your game and summer is when you should make minor changes. If you want to keep playing all winter, call or text Chad at 303-898-1419.

Also, if you are looking to purchase a golf membership, check at the City office where you can set up monthly payments to start in mid-January. This would work as a great Christmas gift as well, for anyone, even yourself.


Merry Christmas everyone!


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