Observations all along the line - Kimball & the Southern Panhandle First

All that noise Saturday morning must have been Shop-with-a-Cop!

Shop-with-a-Cop was another bright spot in the holiday season.

With all the help from the Nebraska State Patrol, Kimball Sheriffs Department, Kimball Police Department, Dix Volunteer Fire Department, Kimball Fire Department, Regional West EMTs, and many more that volunteered their time to make this event so special.

Nearly 50 children and parents met early in the morning to enjoy breakfast at the fire hall in Kimball. Once the youngsters had cleared their plates, it was time to get the shopping started, each child received a gift card from Shopko when they were assigned to their volunteer.

The children, ready with their plastic money, all piled into cop cars, and fire trucks, with the sirens blaring and lights flashing, made their way through downtown Kimball all the way to the top of the hill where watchers awaited their arrival to Shopko.

Talk about a mad house, easily more than half of the kids beelined it straight to the toy aisles. Toys, clothes, pots, pans, blankets, and so much more filled the carts of some very happy little shoppers.

After the dust settled and the check-out lanes were empty, the lights, bells, and whistles headed back to the Fire Hall where even more of the community members came to help wrap presents the children purchased.

Not only did each child receive a $100 gift card to Shopko, but was also given a $50 gift card to Main Street Market. What a wonderful opportunity for children to be involved in, and so much support from the community to make this all possible!

Another year down and yet another great success for Shop-with-a-Cop!

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