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Upcoming landfill cell expansion to cost $1M+


December 7, 2017

Tonia Copeland/Western Nebraska Observer

The current landfill cell when it was being built.

The landfill cell expansion, scheduled to be completed in the next 18 months, is expected to cost up to $1.6 million, but City Administrator Dan Dean reported to the Board of Public Works during their regular meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 28, that more questions need answers before proceeding.

"We reached out to Golder and Associates to get a proposal, but I don't have enough (information) to present at this time. They (Golder & Associates) typically start with a draft and then we work on it from there," Dean said. "Going back and getting some of the history (of previous issues), they needed to be more on top of it, but we were at fault as well throughout the process. We will try to beef up the scope of service and cover some of those."

When the current cell, pictured below, was built additional fill dirt was needed to complete the cover, an extra 750 truck loads, at an additional cost of more than $65,000, was borrowed from another area.

"Additional fill dirt was needed to complete the cover. I believe that it was because the compaction on the cell was as good as it needed to be," Dean said. "Getting better compaction of the material as it is placed in the cell will reduce the problem in the future."

"That area should have been cross sectioned so that we knew how much they borrowed," BPW member Sonny Porter said. "If we would include the borrow area, a cross section of the borrow area, along with the fill area, then Jim (Schulte, Landfill Supervisor) has some control over where they go and where they get their dirt and we have a better idea of the work that is completed. I would like to see the borrow area designated and the cross section on that borrow area so we know exactly what they take out."

Dean also broached the subject of a GIS system for the City of Kimball. The system purchase would include 5 years of upkeep and updates.

"The real issue is that unless we can utilize economic development funding to help pay for it," Dean said. "Without the economic development support, we don't have the funding for it. The utilities don't have the money to fund the whole thing."

Additonally, the system was introduced after this year's budget process was complete, but LB 840 funds can be used for the system if the municipality changes wording in their plan.

The board received a presentation last month by Geneie Andrews with GIS Workshop, according to Dean. The proposed system would cost approximately $13,000, including five years of support in addition to implementing the system.

"Frankly, I would like to have all the details before moving forward," Dean said. "I would recommend tabling the matter or letting it drop until we get more information."

This matter was previously tabled, and because additional information was unavailable, the matter was dropped, but will be reconsidered if further information becomes available.

The Board of Public Works will meet again on Wednesday, Dec. 20, at 4:15 p.m. at City Hall.


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