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Crystal Ramsey for the Western Nebraska Observer

Kyla Ramsey races around the barrels at the Whartman's arena just east of Potter. Ramsey had a successful day, taking third in barrels, pole bending, the egg race, the stake race and the key hole.

Another hot, dusty, and fun-filled summer day at the Whartman Arena rolled around once more this summer, this past Sunday July 23.

Adults and children of all ages, horses, trailers, the arena just east of Potter, the day started off at 11 a.m. with five events of the day Barrel Racing, with the PeeWee age group (four and under) up first, Able K. placed first in the barrels last weekend followed by Payslee W. in second, Allie R. in third then Makayla L. took fourth.

Next up in the Barrel Race was the junior division ages five thru 10, Taylor W. had the fastest time for first, followed by Whitley L. in second, Ashlynn K. took third and Cadyn R. in fourth.

In the Intermediate class, ages 11-14, Callie took fast time, Emily W. for second and Kyla R. for third.

Senior division ages 16-18, Jo H. took first, Jaydn C. in second, Bailey M. in third, Rylie M. in fourth and Nicole D. in fourth.

Adult class, 19 and up, first was Chandler R. on horse, Drifter, second was also Chandler R. on horse, Stormy, third was Krystal M. fourth was Erika L. and fifth was Dakota K.

In the Pole Bending PeeWee group it was Able K. on top, followed by Makayla L., third went to Allie R. and Payslee W. was in fourth.

Juniors were up next with Taylor W. first, second Whitley L., Ashlynn K. took third, and Cadyn R. took fourth. In Intermediate it was Callie in first, followed by Emily W. in second, and Kyla R. in third.

First in the senior division was Jo H., second was Nicole D. and Rylie M. in third. Adults went to Chandler R. in first, Krystal M. in second and Erika L. in third.

During the Egg Race, Allie was first in the PeeWee's, Junior division was Taylor W. followed by Whitley L. in second and Cadyn R. in third. Intermediate class was Callie in first, Emily W. took second and Kyla R. took home third. Seniors division first place went to Jo H., second Jaydn C., third was Rylie M., fourth Nichole D. and fifth was Bailey M. Chandler R. took first in the Adult egg race followed by Erika L. and Krystal M.

Payslee W. won the PeeWee Stake Race followed by Allie in second. Taylor W. took first in the Juniors with Whitley L. in second and Cadyn R. in third. In the intermediate Callie took first, with Emily W. on her tail again for second, and Kyla R. in third. Seniors, Jo H. took first with Rylie M. in second, Jaydn C. in third, Bailey M. in fourth and Nicole D. in fifth. Erika L. won the Adult division with Chandler R. in second and Krystal M. in third.

During the Key Hole event Allie R. took first in the PeeWee. Taylor W. had fast time in the Juniors followed by Whitley L. in second and Cadyn R. in third. Emily W. won the intermediate with Callie in second and Kyla R. in third. Jo H. took home first place in the Seniors division, second went to Jaydn C., third was Nicole D., fourth was Rylie M. and fifth was Bailey M. Chandler R. took first in the Adult division followed by Krystal M, and Erika L. in third.

End of the year point rewards will be given at the completion of the next event coming up Sunday Aug. 13. In the PeeWee Results you have Allie R. in first with 23, followed by Payslee W. with 14, in third is Able K. with 12, fourth is Makayla L. with eight, and fifth is Serenity G. with five. In the Juniors you have Taylor W. with 57 points, Whitley L. at 32, Cadyn R. with 31, Peyton S. with 23, Taylor S. with 21, Ashlynn K. with eight and Corina with six points. Intermediate results so far for the end of the year is Emily W. with 48, Callie 44, Kyla R. 32, McKynna 26, and Sage R. with 23. Jo H. is leading the Seniors with 57 points, followed by Jaydn C. 38, Rylie M. 37, Nicole D. 31, Bailey M. with 25 and Brooke G. with 6. Erika L. is on top in the Adult division with 37 points, followed by Chandler on Stormy with 28, Krystal M. 25, Kendi A on horse Gypsy with 20, Paige C. 16, Lanna 11, Kendi A. on horse Bartender 11, Ashley K. 10, Tammy M. with nine, Chandler R. on Drifter with six points , Callen W. five, Dakota K. with two.

The Whartmans want to let everyone know how grateful they are for all the community involvement, "We are looking forward to continuing to improve for next summer."

At this moment the couple is in the process of setting up for evening and night events, they hope to be able to have a "fun evening event" in September.


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