Reader sisters raise money for the Team Ashtyn Foundation


Tom Southard

The Schwartz family drove to Kimball and accepted a check for $2,597 recently. They posed for this picture in the Kimball High gym. Pictured, from left, Ashtyn Schwartz, Kate Reader, Tory Schwartz, Jennifer Schwartz and Alex Reader.

Tory and Jennifer Schwartz, along with their daughter Ashtyn, made a trip to Kimball recently to accept a check for $2,597 that Kimball High students, Alex and Kate Reader had raised to contribute to the Team Ashtyn Foundation. The Foundation was originated by the Schwartz family after Ashtyn was diagnosed with a form of pediatric cancer, hoping they could help out others in need.

The Reader sisters have spent many off season summers playing basketball for coach Schwartz as members of the Hickory Husker Basketball Club and during that time became good friends of young Ashtyn as well. Wanting to do something towards helping their young friend, and the cause, they came up with the idea of asking for pledges while using their basketball talents. Alex, one of Kimball's top 3-point shooters of all time, elected to accept pledges of money for every 3-point shot she made during the past season. Unfortunately, her season lasted just three games before a season-ending knee injury. Kate, a top free throw shooter, accepted like pledges for every free throw she converted, and after Alex's injury, donors switched their pledges over to Kate as well. The end result was amazing.

The Schwartz family said, "What Alex and Kate did is impressive. What is especially impressive is that the girls used their talents to help a cause that can make a difference in the lives of others."


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