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Students present tobacco/drug free


Aleta Pearson

Left to right: Alex Reader, Kaitlin Wurdeman Madison Wynne, Kate Reader and Jordan Greenwood present to the board.

On February 7, 2017 five high school students along with their counselor, Chauncey Pedersen, met with the Kimball County Commissioners to give a quick presentation about their work in promoting a tobacco-free and drug free campus. 

Student Madison Wynne addressed the board and public first, explaining briefly how the coalition started.

Since the students have taken over, just this past January, they have had several meetings and been fantastically proactive.  They were able to obtain donated signs that they posted at every door as well as by the restrooms and even outdoor signage as you enter the parking areas. 

Two assemblies were already organized and presented, one for junior high students and another for the high school. During the assemblies the group of coalition students addressed the facts concerning drugs, tobacco and alcohol and what they do to your body and how to stay away from that lifestyle. 

Kate Reader then handed out business cards that were designed and donated by Nate Entingh. The cards are useful for students, especially during sporting events, when they find other students and adults who are using tobacco on school property. They explained that as students, it is less confrontational to just hand an adult using a tobacco product on school property the business card instead of possibly creating a scene. 

Alex Reader then talked about the close working relationship they are creating with the local businesses and law enforcement. Last week the group  met with Chief Bremer about his involvement in future assemblies and the possibility of taking Xana to the school. They have also been in contact with a retired State Trooper who will be giving a presentation to students about how drugs and alcohol can affect their futures. 


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