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LTTE: Striving towards homeostasis


In the midst of all the confusion surrounding money to support Kimball County, I thought of “The story of B” by Daniel Quinn. In this book the author talks about how a group of animals survived depending on the amount of sustainable resources they were given. Groups of rats were given enough food to feed only that specific number of rats and they maintained that balance on their own. When the scientist added more food more rats birthed more pups and the population would increase to that controlled amount; the old would die off…Likely so when the food was decreased the population eventually decreased thus giving a structure of life…

What does this have to do with Kimball’s money problem you ask? Well I’ve seen over the last few weeks in the paper people wondering why community members are paying someone 6 digits to give us a market value on our buildings when they haven’t even seen the property.  Every year they’re sitting in a chair and marking same assessments as the last year and making money. Citizens have to pay for this ridiculous position from our budget.

Brown’s business has been paying $.05 a gallon to pump septic tanks and now are being told that they might have to pay double instead of close competitors prices of $.03, let’s do the math, it doesn’t add up.

What about KKB, we are already paying $2 extra and that money is missing…yet there aren’t more people in the community.

Finally the city bills! Raising ridiculous rates because we are compensating for what?

Remember the rats; less rats, less food equals a continuing homeostasis. I smell some rats.

Where’s all this money? My opinion; greedy lying officials have been scamming Kimball for so long and it’s coming to a head. We need to exterminate the rats, bring in true citizens that live in and love our community. We are doing only half of our parts as citizens in paying these outrageous fees. The other half; discovering and holding these guilty parties accountable for their unscrupulous actions; what good are regulations, laws or limits without justice?


Heather Entingh


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