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21 receive diplomas from Potter-Dix


Penny Merryfield

Four Potter-Dix graduates donned sunglasses and performed a short routine at the end of Saturday's graduation ceremony. Pictured, from left, are: Trevor Harms, Cooper Hicks, Cameron Purcell and Jake Johnson.

A brief presentation of photographs of the soon-to-be graduates showed on-screen their transition from babies to young children and teenagers, and started Saturday's graduation ceremony at Potter-Dix High School.

There were 21 soon-to-be graduates gathered in the entrance way of the gym preparing to enter one by one. Excitement and tears were on many of the students' faces.

The ushers, which included Sam Bogert, Regyn Hicks, Coby Hicks, Sara Gingerich, Justice Palmer and Savannah Shaw, guided the graduates into the gym. One by one the students entered the gym standing tall with pride on their achievements to reach this day.

The girls were in white robes and caps, while the boys donned red robes and caps. The classmates stood underneath their class motto, which read, "One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching."

Rebekah Hutchinson gave a welcome speech to everyone and stated, "It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes two villages and the streets to raise this class." The opening prayer was led by Jamison Tvrs.

The podium was then turned over to Cooper Hicks, salutatorian for the class. Hicks started off his speech with a great political line of, "My Fellow Americans....Sorry, I've always wanted to say that." He proceded to inform the class his speech was not going to put them to sleep. In it, he thanked his parents, grandparents and relatives, then went into a tongue-in-cheek speech of the seven-step program that will ruin your life.

Hicks' message was clear. He said death would come to some from choices made. Cell phones can aid to failure to accomplish anything if you are always on it. Do not listen to parents he said, because, "They are old and not so cool," which brought laughter from the audience as he smiled. Many of his steps brought to mind the choices one makes are not the best for college.

Ryley Hicks gave her valedictorian speech and thanked her family, friends and teachers. "Live so you fill chairs at others table and don't be alone at yours," she said.

Teacher Dale Frerichs gave the address to the class of 2015. He gave advice for the students with statements like, "Your mistakes are yours, own them and then learn from them." He spoke on belief and believing in yourself. "It is hard work but you can get there," he said.

Frerichs informed the students to ask many questions. "Ask questions and be a fool for five minutes or don't ask a question and be a fool forever," he said. He went on to tell them, "No one ever went blind from looking on the bright side of things."

Superintendent Kevin Thomas introduced retiring teacher Daria Faden, who taught for 37 years.

Flowers were given out by the graduating students to friends and loved ones for helping them achieve their graduation.

The graduating class of 2015 had 11 students a grade point average of 3.0 or above. Scholarships were presented to the students, and then diplomas were given out.

As the students left the stage in procession, cheers and applause rang out throughout the gym.


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