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Kimball-Banner 4-H annual awards

The Kimball-Banner 4-H Club held its award ceremony on Sunday at Kim Bowl.

In addition to those pictured, awards included

First-year members

Alex Anton, Aiden Drake, Ethan Evans, Kyle Evans, Kylie Fiehtner, Javier Figueroa, Christopher Foster, Corey Gardner, Devin Gardner, Aaron Gillming, Taylor Hafeman, Charlotte Hargreaves, Marie Hein, Kalem Jackson, Mikayla Lee, Drake Linscott, Shannen Marks, Brooke Milam, Jacob Miller, Josh Miller, Grace Murdoch, Kailey Nicklas, Kyla Ramsey, Ambri Rogers, Hannah Schildhaner, Jasmine Schindler-Ivy, Emily Singleton, Bailee Underhill and Julia Winstrom.


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