By Daniel Thompson

Array of roadwork continues throughout the area

Kimball officials: Paving of new roads to begin this weekend


Daniel Thompson

Old Highway 71, shown here facing north, has been torn up for several weeks. The roadwork continues north of the downtown area a few miles, and also covers a majority of Route 30 in the Kimball area.

Construction on Highway 71 and Highway 30 has left roads bare for the past couple weeks, leaving many residents to wonder when the recent maintenance will be completed.

According to Kimball Street Superintendent Jim Ryschon, residents will not have to wait much longer to drive down the roads without the fear of running into unexpected bumps.

“They’re going to start overlaying the asphalt downtown Saturday morning weather permitting, and then continue that Monday and finish the downtown. I don’t think it would take too long for them to go through town and overlay that. It just depends on the weather,” Ryschon said.

The project was commissioned by the state of Nebraska for maintenance purposes with Jim Johnson of Gering serving as the Nebraska Department of Road’s project manager.

“The whole idea is they’re going to get these highways all fixed up and then I know they’re going to turn over Highway 71 to the city eventually,” Ryschon said.

According to a press release from the Nebraska Department of Roads, the project consists of completing pavement repair, curb and gutter repair, and American with Disabilities Act upgrades.

Though it is a state project, Ryschon’s department has helped out by way of helping to clean up the roads after the milling machine, according to Ryschon.

Though construction on a main road through town could make local businesses suffer, Rebecca Brown, owner of Java Blend, says that business has been going on as usual.

“A lot of our customers will still stop in and get something to drink and eat. I don’t think it’s affected us too much. People are definitely ready for it to be finished, but it seems like it’s just another day,” Brown said.

Bob Hinton, proprietor of the Kimball Bakery and Mad Dog’s Sports Bar, echoed Brown’s statements citing that loyal customers will still stop in daily.

“I don’t think it’s really affecting my business. I have my loyal patrons that come in regardless. They’ll walk around the block. It might detour some of the non-local residents that stop, but for the most part, I don’t think it’s affected it much,” Hinton said.

Daniel Thompson

The two busiest roads in Kimball, Old Highway 71 and Route 30, have both been ground down in preparation for new surfaces.


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