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  • Wheat Growers Hotel clings to life as it lingers into the 21st century

    Jacob Misener and Daniel Thompson, Editor & Reporter|Jun 13, 2013

    Editor’s Note: This is the final segment of a three-part series on the Wheat Growers Hotel, located in Kimball, NE. There will be coverage of any new developments concerning the property. “The Wheat Growers has enjoyed good times, survived bad times, adapted with changing times, and projects a link from the past to the future.” The Wheat Growers Hotel, fondly nicknamed the “Grand Ole’ Lady”, closed its doors for the final time to the public in 1983. Since that time, many dreamers have come t... Full story

  • High Point Welcome Center to open in Kimball no later than July 4

    Jacob Misener, Editor|Jun 13, 2013

    In a crucial step for the continued economic development of Kimball and the western Nebraska region, as a whole, the High Point Welcome Center for Western Nebraska is set to open no later than July 4. “This building was chosen because of its location and our demographic,” said Caskey. “The majority of our visitors come from the Front Range, which means they’re coming west to east.” Caskey went on to say that with the building located to the right of the eastbound highway lanes, studies show that drivers are much more likely to pull off and s...

  • Future of Chestnut Street in Kimball faces a great deal of uncertainty

    Daniel Thompson, Reporter|Jun 13, 2013

    What will become of Chestnut Street? That was the question on the minds of everyone who attended the City Council meeting the night of June 4, with much of the discussion of what to do to keep the street in good condition after it is relinquished to the city of Kimball by the state of Nebraska. Mayor James Schnell opened the meeting by introducing Doug Hoevet, the Nebraska Department of Roads District Construction Engineer for District Five which includes Kimball. According to Hoevet, Chestnut... Full story

  • Cowboys, cowgirls and a small town Saturday night

    Jacob Misener, Editor|Jun 13, 2013

    With the sun fading in the western Nebraska sky, people from the area packed into the stands at the Kimball Fairgrounds to take in the sights, sounds and tastes of the Fifth Annual Kimball Ranch Rodeo. Eight rodeo teams from several states competed in five events Saturday night: saddle bronc riding, trailering, team-tying, branding and doctoring and wild cow milking - all vying for an array of prizes ranging from cash to an impressive set of belt buckles. For the fans present, the event lived up... Full story

  • Local talent takes over downtown coffee shop

    Laura Flores, Intern|Jun 13, 2013

    A little before 5 p.m. last Friday, a tall man with a beanie and guitar in hand walked towards the popular local coffee shop, Java Blend. He took the handle to the door and a faint ‘ding dong’ from the bell that hangs on the door filled the room. A few seconds pass and the owner of Java Blend pops out and greets the man with a warm welcome and asks if he’d like a drink? “On the house,” she states. Minutes pass, and you are instantly surrounded by the smell of fresh coffee and steamed milk which seem to be dancing to the soft tunes the man w...

  • Observer editorial: A call to action for the Kimball community

    Jun 13, 2013

    For the past two months, we at the Observer have dedicated ourselves to uncovering the past, present and future of the famous Wheat Growers Hotel in Kimball. We have spent the equivalent of days pouring over old photographs and documents, and even longer researching in near-century old archived editions of the Observer. In that time, stories and recollections of years long gone have surfaced, and a flurry of emotions have overcome all of us. Happiness and near elation found us when we saw the sheer maginificence of the Wheat Growers Hotel, and... Full story