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Pumpkin Pie, whipped cream and Thanksgiving go hand-in-hand


November 30, 2017

Dakota Kuhns/Western Nebraska Observer

Participants with Mr. Kevin Kilgore.

How fast can you eat a piece of pumpkin pie?

22 fourth graders all tried their best to finish their piece of pie first, but it was Alison Johnson that demolished hers first with a time of 49 seconds.

All but two kids enjoyed whip cream on top of their yummy pumpkin pies, it was a total mess! All over their faces, in their hair, even all over their glasses.

This pie eating contest was the result of Mr. Kilgore and Mrs. Autrey's fourth grade classes writing a six paragraph essay!

The essay assignment was to help the youngsters increase their use of descriptive words and improve writing at a fourth grade level.

Dakota Kuhns/Western Nebraska Observer

Three young men show the damage that can be done to hair, faces and glasses when pumpkin pie and whipped cream are paired together.

There were 10 parents that came to witness the super messy event and, prior to the contest, students were split up into groups and went with a parent to read their essay. Most of the stories were about pumpkin pie... imagine that!

Following the essay reading, the participants in the contest waited in the hallway for their names to be announced. Those students who did not participate in the contest were announcers and each gave a silly speech for every kid when they walked into the room.

Once everyone was introduced, the contestants were asked to put their bibs on, then were asked if they wanted a fork. "No why would we need a fork," everyone of the kids said, with a very loud laugh.

Parents performed the countdown to begin eating... then they were off to the races, most holding the piece of pie in their hands and shoving it in their mouths, some taking slow big bites and even one not using his hands, just smashing his face into the pie.

In the end everyone had a blast and enjoyed a great piece of pumpkin pie!


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