Observations all along the line - Kimball & the Southern Panhandle First

Kimball's Unsolved Mystery

Lots Of Speculation & Searching, But No Answers In 'Shorty' Wilson Disappearance

Bobby "Shorty" Wilson disappeared without a trace from the streets of Kimball on October 30, 1956, and the family struggled with his disappearance and searched for years for clues or his remains.

In 1958, the family had a marker erected in the Kimball Cemetery that read: Robert G. "Shorty" Wilson. His birth date was May 28, 1925, and he was born in Kimball, Nebraska. The simple headstone says, "Disappeared on October 30, 1956."

A description of Shorty Wilson was provided in a reward posted in 1957: "Age 31 years; height 4'8", weight 200 lbs., blue eyes, address: Kimball, Nebraska. This person...

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