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Bushnell Gets Some YouTube Time

And Lots Of It ... After Trucker's Tire Blows Out On Big Rig Travels Channel

Little Bushnell is getting some big attention.

Big Rig attention.

The Kimball County village, population 115, has been a place of interest on three Big Rig Travels/YouTube videos that about 54,800 viewers watched from last Thursday through Tuesday.

BigRigSteve (real name Stephen Michaels), the trucker star of Big Rig Travels for 16 years, even spent a night outside Bushnell.

He had little choice.

A tire on BigRigSteve's semi-trailer truck blew out heading westbound on I-80 out of Kimball that forced him to reduce speed and get off the interstate as quickly as possible.

He did it at Exit 8....

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