By Daria Anderson-Faden
The Observer 

Four-Way Stop OK'd For 2nd & Chestnut

Council Approves Measure After Discussion About Safety Concerns


August 24, 2023

The Kimball City Council last Tuesday unanimously approved a four-way stop at 2nd and Chestnut streets downtown following a discussion on traffic, speed and the dangers of the intersection at 2nd and Chestnut streets.

Warning signs will be installed to begin preparing cars and trucks for the change, which will add stop signs on Chestnut. The four-way stop will be one block from Kimball’s only stoplight at the corner of Chestnut and 3rd streets.

In other business, a public hearing on Ordinance 824 – interfering with a peace officer – was held.

Kimball Police Chief Jose Ruiz said this ordinance would “help us identify potential suspects in these crimes so we can actually solve them instead of allowing the person who may be the suspect in this crime to walk free without being identified. It is going to help us as police officers better do our jobs and investigate these crimes as we should.”

Ordinance 824 passed in a 4-0 vote.

Chief Ruiz reported that there have been 34 abatements completed by his department, with six in process and four abatements now with the city attorney. He said the police have been busy with a variety calls, including disturbing the peace, parking complaints, welfare check, disturbance calls, no trespass orders, arrests, and providing assistance to the Nebraska State Patrol and Kimball County Sheriff’s Office.

Councilwoman Christy Warner switched hats and stood in front of the rest of the council to make a presentation about operations of KCTS, where she is the administrator, inside the city limits. She said there had been a huge increase in ridership within the city, and KCTS has gone from one bus to three buses.

As the city prepares to enter into the budget process, Warner asked the council to consider supporting the three-in town busses.

The discussion on taking an official economic development position also was on the agenda, and Mayor John Morrison explained that he thought the city and county should work together on the position. No motion was made.

Meanwhile, the 2023-24 Zelle human resources contract was presented to the council for the budget process. The Zelle employee, Micah Neill, explained some of the services that Zelle has provided, including helping with the Family and Medical Leave Act paperwork, rewriting the city’s handbook, providing training, and conducting employee searches.

The council also received and discussed the draft general budget. After a lengthy discussion the members were encouraged to study the draft.

Mayor Morrison explained the details of the water leaks on 2nd and Chestnut and praised city employees for their cooperation and dedication throughout the weekend.


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