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City Goes After Stoney Vance For Loan Money

Legal issues continue to follow Stoney Vance as the City of Kimball has filed a complaint against Vance individually and his Cuisine Caravan, L.L.C. in Kimball County Court.

Vance was the former CEO/manager of Arrow Medical in Kimball. In March, Vance was charged with felony theft-receiving stolen property from a Kimball EMS ambulance.

In another case, the late Dr. James F. Broomfield and nurse practitioners Holly F. Dobrinski and Keri D. Foster filed a complaint against Vance and others for a temporary restraining order, injunction and other equitable relief. The complaint listed the defendants as Arrow Medical LLC, a Nebraska Limited Liability Company, Stoney Vance, Arrow Medical LLC, a Wyoming limited Liability Company, Stoney Vance d/b/a I Am 29, Rebekah Vance, and Glenda Lyles.

The newest case, according to the records, states that on April 20, 2021, Vance “entered into an Economic Development Agreement (for a loan) with the City of Kimball.” The defendants, Vance and Cuisine Caravan, L.L.C. received economic development assistance funds for a business in Kimball.

The loan agreement required monthly payment of $552.51 for 60 months at a 4% interest rate for the original principal balance of $30,000.

The account is past due in an amount of $1,717.86. The court documents state that the “Defendant is in default of loan agreement requirements and owes an outstanding principal balance of $22,373.71.”

With interest and attorney fees, the total amount owed by defendant is $24,734.40.

Court documents for the case were attempted to be served to Vance by the Kimball County Sheriff’s Office, but it was noted on the service return form that the sheriff was “unable to locate (Vance) in Bushnell, Kimball County Nebraska.”

His location was believed to be known.

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