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Residents Get Chance To Talk Growth At Town Hall Meetings

The City of Kimball’s Town Hall meetings on Wednesday and Thursday of last week began the public involvement in the update for the city’s existing Comprehensive Plan.

Marvin Planning, the company hired for the project, explained that a Comprehensive Plan is like a Business Plan for a Community.

On Thursday, about 40 residents participated in the update at the KCTS building. In groups, residents discussed and listed their thoughts on five questions about Kimball, and then each group was able to report on their ideas.

Question 1 – How would you describe the ideal Kimball in 10-20 years?

Groups picked their top few answers to share. Answers included art, entertainment, rolling skating, various dining options, small-town feeling, more businesses, debt-free, reducing blight, modernizing the parks, more things for kids, affordable child care, and good school.

Question 2 – What are the biggest opportunities Kimball has in the future?

Thoughts from the groups included vocational training, green space, jobs, plenty of land, Clean Harbors, good location, a great place to retire, climate, safety and increasing tax revenue.

Question 3 – What are the biggest weaknesses Kimball has now?

Thoughts and ideas shared were quality housing, job training, substance abuse, blighted areas, lack of childcare, apathy, lack of communication, cost of living, city streets, water main breaks, sewer and water and social-economic disparity.

Question 4 – What do you love about Kimball?

Ideas were library, trees, people, water quality, services are adequate, centrally located, one stoplight, Farmer’s Day, walk to work, lack of traffic, you know your neighbors and the golf course.

Finally, Question 5 – Why do you choose to live or have a business in Kimball?

Thoughts shared by the groups included small-town charm, location, safety, rurality, family, growing up here, oilfield, low regulations, and good support from the community.

As the Comprehensive Plan process continues, everyone is encouraged to participate by taking a survey on Survey Monkey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/kimballcompplan and then scanning the QR Code. A hard copy of the survey is available at the city office or Kimball Public Library.