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Edward Tamsett, an Australian native and a member of the Australian PGA, has signed a contract with the Four Winds Park and Recreation Executive Board to be the next golf pro at Four Winds Golf Course.

Tamsett is in the process of obtaining the necessary paperwork to live in the United States and return to Kimball.

Tamsett told the Observer that he is 35 years old and was been the head golf professional at Eden Gardens Country Club for the last four years. He and his wife live in Eden, New South Wales, Australia.

Tamsett said, “I’m very excited and honored to be Kimball’s new head professional at the Four Winds Golf Course.”

He continued, “My wife Walkiria and I are very excited about our new adventure in the USA, and we are really looking forward to living in Kimball.”

While waiting on Tamsett to arrive, the Four Winds pro shop will be open and staffed when the course opens this spring.

Park and Rec Board Chairman Henry Heeg said, Tamsett is a “super nice guy. Everything went well, and we are excited for him.”

The Four Winds Golf Course will open as soon as Superintendent Jeremy Williams gives the go-ahead.

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