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50 More Feral Cats To Be Trapped

They Will Be Returned After Being Fixed

Tiffany LaBeau, the organizer of the feral cats program in Kimball, has provided an update on the March trapping and fixing of cats.

The Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals have Saturday evening, March 25, set aside to trap 50 area feral cats, and the ferals will be returned to Kimball on March 26 after being spayed or neutered in Colorado.

LaBeau and the Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals are asking for people to refrain from feeding the strays for two days before the 26th. This enables the volunteers to trap the cats much more effortlessly. Areas around City Park, Firstier Bank, and Main Street Market are where the trapping will be concentrated.

LaBeau suggests that house cats should be kept indoors during the weekend.