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Hearing March 21 For County Road Plans

The public hearing for the Kimball County's One- and Six-Year Plan, Highway or Street Improvement Project, is scheduled for March 21 to "hear support, opposition, criticism, suggestions, or observation" on the proposed plan.

The One Year Plan has four projects – with the largest located on the asphalt road south of Dix and County Road 24. According to Project C53-279 (Priority #4) is going south of Dix four miles, and the start of the project is located approximately seven miles south to the end of asphalt at approximately Road #10.

The repairs on Road 59 include:

• Grinding old asphalt into the bed of roadway.

• Grading and compacting.

• Laying gravel down approximately 4 inches thick out to at least 26 feet wide.

• Leaving grass on foreslopes and ditch in place.

The 7 miles of road repair is estimated to cost $500,000.

Three other projects on the One-Year Plan are designated top priority and include 1.2 miles of graveling roads or installing culverts costing about $200,000.

Project No. 1 is located four miles south of Bushnell at County Roads #17 and #26. One mile of gravel will be put down and it includes plans for "major linear grade and embed gravel."

Here is Priority No. 2's description: "Go south of Bushnell 4 miles on CR 17W, then east 4 miles on CR26S, then one-tenth of a mile south on CR25W." The project length is one tenth of a mile. Culverts will be installed with the size depending on the hydraulic analysis.

Finally, 10 miles north of Kimball on road CR54N, culverts will be installed on the one tenth of a mile.

The Six-Year Plan has four different roads totally just under five miles. These projects include grading, widening, graveling and replacing culverts.