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Homestead Applications Available, Could Save You Money

The Nebraska Homestead Exemption Applications are available from February 1, 2020 to June 30. 2023 in the Kimball County Assessor’s office.

According to the office, about 200 people in the Kimball area already take advantage of the tax relief program.

The Nebraska homestead exemption was enacted to help certain groups of individuals who may not have a regular income and that may need financial relief.

If you or you know someone who may benefit from the Nebraska Homestead Exemption visit the Assessor’s Office in the Kimball County Courthouse and get an application Form 458 and an explanation of the program.

To provide relief to certain owners of residential property, the Homestead Exemption Act was passed in 1969. Originally, the Homestead Exemption provided for an exemption of $800 of actual value for residences valued at $4,000 or more.

Changes have occurred over the fifty years since the creation of the Homestead Exemption Act but an exemption exists for all or partial real property taxes for a segment of Nebraska’s population. The categories include those 65 and older, disabled veterans, qualified disabled individuals and developmentally disabled.

The homestead exemption is limited to the residence and once acre of land while a percentage of the maximum exempt value of the homestead will be determined in accordance with the income table.

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